Love Letter from Detroit

Nearly all the photos you see on the website and in the February/March 2011 issue are by Brad Duncan. Brad is a political activist and freelance journalist who was

John King Books

first politicized by the Detroit Newspaper Strike (1995) as a teenager. His radio commentaries on the crossroads of music and radical social change movements can be heard on KBOO (Portland, OR). He lives in Philadelphia, PA and can be reached at

Brad says: “I want these photos of Detroit to be the exact opposite of the ‘ruin porn’ image we always see of Detroit.  I don’t think Detroit is pathetic or dead.  For starters, I think Detroit is a city with a rich history of fighting for workers rights, fighting against racism, and creating some of the best music of all time.
I was moving out of Detroit after many years and wanted to capture some of the city’s classic (to me) images.  I wanted to show Detroit to my friends around the world, and to have some images to remind me of the city while I’m away.”

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