Letter from the Editor

Something is definitely in the air. The Occupy Wall Street mobilization has stirred up a lot of conversation nationally about the disconnect between our elected officials and the so-called people they serve. We are seeing an unprecedented debate ensue in this country about the corporate interests that influence policy. In this issue, we highlight these ideas through our continued coverage of the Detroit Works Project, analysis of public school privatization, and efforts to repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager law. We reflect on the ways democracy has failed us, as evident in the execution of Troy Davis and the struggles of Arab communities post 9/11. We highlight two books that will ask you to examine Detroit’s relationship to non-profits and in another, deepen our understanding of violence in our communities. In the midst of all of this struggle, we share with you alternatives; TimeBanks and youth mural projects. Finally, we wish to inspire you by remembering David Blair, a local poet and artist who devoted much of his life to strengthening community.

As we go to press, Occupy Detroit is unfolding within our city. Marked with inspiration and contention, it has rejuvenated a long overdue discourse and mobilization around class politics in the city. Distinct from Occupy Wall Street, community responses in Detroit have taken a course of its own. As local, independent media, Critical Moment wants to hear your thoughts and analysis. Write us at critmom@gmail.com, find us on facebook, or visit our website, critical-moment.org, to share your perspectives.

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