Left Turn Magazine Moves Fully Online: An Open Letter from the Collective

Dear Detroit Community,We have published the final issue of our print publication. Like many other independent magazines     and newspapers, Left Turn has struggled with continuing to publish a print magazine in the digital    age.Over the past two years, we set out to make some significant changes to the magazine in the hopes of reinvigorating this project and filling some of the vacuum left by other print publications closing or moving online. However, despite changes and improvements, we found ourselves at the end of the summer unsure of how we would pay for the next issue.  We also faced a crisis of capacity to do the work. Left Turnhas been an all-volunteer project from the beginning, and several of our long-term editors needed to step down.This has been a difficult decision, and it did not come without months of strategizing around ways of maintaining a print publication. We want to give special thanks to our subscribers, distributors, sustainers, and supporters who have kept this project alive for all these years.We have always been more than a magazine. Left Turnis a political project that emerged in the aftermath of Seattle in 1999* to provide some cohesion to the growing anti-capitalist movement and a space to address the myraid political issues it was facing.Today we are seeing the re-emergence of that movement in the Arab spring-inspired occupations across the country. The central role the internet and social media played in this new global movement shows how much the world has changed in just the last decade. An electronic Left Turn would not only allow us to reach more people and publish more content.  This is not to say that we don’t see the need for continuing to have some type of print media, especially when so many people are coming together to occupy and reclaim our public spaces.

We will continue featuring the news, analysis and commentary that have been the heart of Left Turn for 10 years at http://www.leftturn.org.

We hope all of you will continue to inspire us with story ideas, contributions and writings. We are sure we will continue to see you in the streets, struggling for the better world that so many have risen up to fight for over the past year.

In Solidarity,
The Left Turn Collective

*CM Editors note: In 1999 thousands of people converged on the streets of Seattle to actively oppose “free-trade” and disrupt World Trade Organization meetings.