Living Arts is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the neighborhoods of Southwest Detroit through youth and community arts initiatives. Founded as Southwest Dance in 1999, it has grown into a multifaceted arts provider. Living Arts youth participant Caleb Browner took some time out to share his thoughts on the program with Critical Moment.

CM: What’s your name, and what Living Arts program do you participate in?

I’m Caleb Browner, a participant in the Southwest Dance program.

CM: What do you like about art?

CB: To me, art is everything that is wonderful about human nature. The ability to find beauty in a limitless number of sights and sounds, as well as the ability to create wonder and excitement through a limitless number of mediums are invaluable treasures. Every art form has its own way of charming and enticing people, and that’s awe-inspiring to me.

CM: What’s your favorite thing about the Living Arts program?

CB: I’m happy to know that Living Arts is reaching out to the youth of Southwest Detroit and granting them the chance to explore the world of art and their own creativity. They’re helping make art a part of the lives of children in Southwest Detroit, and inspiring the great local artists of the future.

CM: How do you feel when you share your art with your community?

CB: It gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction because I’m not only exploring my own creativity through art, but also inspiring others to be creative in their own ways. I get to bring joy to myself and others at the same time, I couldn’t ask for a better outlet.

CM: How do you hope to have art as a part of your life in the future?

CB: My ultimate goal is to be a writer and an illustrator, and I plan to have dance be a permanent part of my life. In everything I do, professional or recreational, through my stories or my pictures or my dancing, art is a part of who I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For more information about Living Arts and its programming, visit their website at http://www.livingartsdetroit.org.

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