New Metro Detroit Progressive Events Calendar Launched


Life just got a little easier for folks who want to know what’s afoot in Southeast Michigan’s progressive community. Mark Dilley, a local labor organizer involved with the tech community, recently launched a new online solidarity calendar called “Activate! 313”.

The website, which has been online about two month, is part of an Activate! hub that also features calendars for Portland and San Francisco. Dilley, the project’s Detroit curator, previously played a role in developing Calagator, Portland’s tech calendar, as well as one one linked to the Occupy movement. He hopes Activate! 313 will serve as a “one-stop shopping” site for local folks interested in labor rights and social justice.

“Its intention is to pull together all the events on people’s fliers and emails to get a sense of what’s going on in the area in terms of progressive issues,” he told Critical Moment.

Although Dilley won’t be posting cultural events himself, he said others are welcome to do so. The site is open to everyone in the local progressive community. Like a wiki site, the calendar is designed to be easy to use to encourage users to contribute and collaborate. Adding an event doesn’t involve much more than clicking a button and filling out a form.

Those who already have their own calendars in place can incorporate them into Activate! 313’s database with a little assistance from Dilley. By installing some simple code, users can also plug the calendar into their own sites with very little effort.

To see the new calendar in action, visit Info at