Upcoming Workshops: Permaculture & Rocket Mass Heaters

Detroiters are not alone in their tenacity for improving upon the norm, or pursuing new ways to live well. Permaculture is one example of such an approach, valuing learning from nature, sustainability, equity and community. This summer, July 22nd through August 4th, a Permaculture Design Course is being offered at Spirit of Hope Farm. This course is the standard 2 week certificate course being offered to Detroit residents at an 80% discount. Teachers Larry Santoyo and Keith Johnson will bring the expertise of 50 years hands-on experience, as students get busy on the ground: using mushrooms to remediate our land, a food forest neighborhood project, and much more.

Also at Spirit of Hope Farm, rocket mass heater gurus Ernie and Erica Wisner come to town to share their knowledge on how to heat yourself and your home cheaply and effectively. On August 25th participants will build their own pocket rocket heater and learn the basics of super-efficient wood burning techniques and applications. This is a great opportunity to learn how rocket mass heaters can decrease dependence on gas or electric companies by heating your whole home on ordinary objects like twigs and junk mail. A second workshop on August 26th – held at the Strawbale Studio in Oxford, Michigan – will include a practical introduction to the basic masonry techniques for building these affordable heaters, and on-site working examples. These workshops can be taken separately or together.

For more information on rocket mass heater workshops, contact Deanne Bednar at ecoartDB@gmail.com

For more information on permaculture, check out http://auroradesignsolutions.com/courses/ or call Jesse 734.709.1176